Criminal Law: Juvenile and Adult

What Cases Are Included in Criminal Defense Law?

Criminal defense law provides protections for those arrested for committing a crime. The resources that law enforcement agencies and the prosecution have would seriously hurt the criminal defendant if he or she didn’t have these protections. Criminal defense attorney Martin Walker defends juveniles and adults arrested for misdemeanors and felonies.

What Can a Lawyer Do in a Criminal Defense Case?

A criminal defense attorney Lake County has the duty to defend someone arrested for committing a crime. If you have been arrested for a crime, you have the opportunity to hire a criminal law firm in Kenosha County. When you first meet with attorney Martin Walker, he will interview you about the facts of your case.

A criminal defense attorney must also complete an investigation to determine how he can obtain an acquittal. For this purpose, he will question the officers about their procedures to ensure that everything was legal. He will also interview the witnesses so that he can build as strong a case as he possibly can.

An important part of a criminal defense attorney’s job is to analyze the evidence. This is when the attorney studies the theories and facts in the case. The lawyer may wish to independently test the evidence that the other side gathered. He will also examine the evidence to determine if he can find theories that point away from the client’s guilt.

Hiring Illinois Criminal Lawyers

Attorney Martin Walker at the Walker Law Firm has the expertise you need to help you with your criminal defense case. If you have been arrested on a criminal charge and you need a criminal defense attorney Cook County, contact us at the Walker Law Firm. Our attorney will offer you a free consultation so that you can feel free to ask questions about your case without any obligation to hire us. Contact us today.

The Walker Law Firm represents those in Cook County, Lake County, and Kenosha County. Contact our criminal law firm Illinois today for a free consultation.