Civil Litigation

When parties have a dispute that cannot be resolved, then it may be necessary to pursue civil litigation. Through civil litigation, an aggrieved party seeks a remedy through a court judgment. The specific remedy will depend upon the circumstances and issues involved. Civil litigation can be complicated, so you should seek out legal representation from civil litigation attorneys in Lake County.

What kinds of cases can be handled through civil litigation?

Civil litigation can include a variety of different types of legal issues. Some examples include:

  • Contract disputes
  • Real estate
  • Personal injury
  • Estate issues
  • Business-related issues
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Malpractice

When a dispute between parties arises, there are typically different options that may be pursued through civil litigation. The specific remedy that may be pursued will depend upon the details of your case.

What are some remedies that may be available through civil litigation?

Depending upon the type of legal issues involved, the following remedies may be available in a civil litigation matter:

  • Money damages
  • Punitive damages
  • Specific performance of a contract
  • Injunctive relief (e.g., a court order prohibiting certain conduct)
  • Return of property
  • Restitution
  • Legal fees

Kenosha County civil litigation lawyers can review your case and provide information about what legal remedies may be available.

Why should you seek assistance from an attorney?

Civil litigation involves complex laws and rules that must be followed in order for your case to succeed. If you do not have experience with these laws and rules, then it can be very difficult to navigate your case. To ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is properly heard, contact our civil litigation law firm in Cook county for legal advice and representation.

The Walker Law Firm is experienced and knows what it takes to be successful in civil litigation. Contact us to learn how we can help you.